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Our "UL Approved" New Jersey Based 
Central Station Monitoring Service

  • UL Listed/FM Approved 
  • Bi-lingual Operators
  • Highly Trained Employees

All incoming calls to the central station are received by CMS's highly trained console operators. Individuals occupying this position are selected from among their most proficient and tenured operators. They have demonstrated the ability to courteously direct all calls to the appropriate representatives.  CMS has chosen people who possess the experience, the knowledge, and the professionalism to not only create an excellent first impression, but to instill in our callers a sense of confidence and security, while assuring that their needs are addressed in a timely manner.To protect the interests of all parties involved, every call to the central station is recorded on a digital voice unit. 

Every CMS employee understands the value of service. It is the cornerstone of their training and education program, one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The extended training curriculum for new employees simulates virtually every scenario they may encounter and only when they have demonstrated that they have the skills and ability to act quickly and effectively are they qualified to become a CMS dispatch professional. Continuing education that incorporates new and revised policies and ensures that their skills and knowledge remain at the highest level.


Through the use of your landline telephone line, your home is monitored for all security zones, panic, trouble conditions, AC power failures and low battery conditions.  Upon an alarm activation, the Central Station calls the home to make sure that everything is okay at the home and then requests a personal password.  If there is no answer or an incorrect password is given, the Central Station then notifies the Police Department informing them of the alarm activation.  They will then notify your call list to inform them of the alarm activation. A 3-year monitoring agreement is required.


Through the use of a separate Cellular Digital Radio Transmission System, Central Station will be notified of a Security or Panic Alarm activation even if the telephone lines are cut or become inoperable – includes separate rechargeable battery back-up system – requires a 3-year monitoring agreement with which Security Plus, Inc. guarantees to hold the monitoring price


Security Plus, Inc. would like to thank all of our Military, Police, Emergency and Fire men and women.  Please call our office, 856-810-8662, for our service discounts.  If it were not for these courageous men and women, we would not be able to enjoy our freedoms.  We truly appreciate their services!
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